Customs is a tax imposed on the import or export of goods. Representation of taxpayers in disputes concerning value added tax, in assessment stages, objection, appeals to courts and representation in criminal charges.

According to the Anti-Money Laundering Act and the Anti-Money Laundering Regulations (Ways of Reporting Money Upon or Leaving Israel),2001, there is an obligation to report income and expenditure of money to Israel. The amount required to report is NIS 50,000 and more for each person entering .The term “funds” in our case includes: cash, bank checks and traveler’s checks. For a new immigrant, upon his first entry into Israel, according to an immigrant visa under the Return Act, the amount required to report is NIS 50,000. Anyone who violates the reporting obligation Six months’ imprisonment or a fine at the rate stated in section 61 (a) (4) of the Penal Code (currently: NIS 226,000), or ten times the amount not reported, all according to the higher amount. Also, the law authorized police officers and customs officials to seize the funds Exceeding the amount exempt from reporting, and authorized the director of customs to establish a committee to impose a financial sanction for such violation The authorities have alternative and parallel ways with regard to income or expenditure of funds: the violator can be prosecuted under section 10 of the law, or brought before a sanctions committee under section 12 of the law, where if the person carried out the action for the purpose of not having a report to the Authority, he can also be prosecuted under section 3 (b) of the law

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