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RONEN ROSENBLOOM – LAW OFFICES  specializes in the sphere of white collar offences, economic offences, prohibition of money laundering, taxation offences, and offences of the entirety of the multifarious criminal spectrum and others.

The law office of Ronen Rosenbloom was established in 2004. The law office has many years of extensive experience in the field of economic offences, money laundering prohibition and taxation offences and this by virtue of service in the extensive multifarious spectrum of professional positions in the Israel Police Force, which provides the office unique added value having this background experience.

The office believes and stands for the finding of practical, tactical and creative solutions focusing on the point in hand. The office will litigate as required and work hard for the sake of the interests and the affairs of the client in the court and liase with the various enforcement bodies as required.

BACKGROUND: The Ronen Rosenbloom Law Offices: an office which specializes in criminal law, with the emphasis being placed on white collar offences – economic offences and taxation offences. The offices supply to their clients assistance and advice in all the stages of the criminal proceedings, commencing from the first stage of the preparation of the client for police / the tax authority investigation, the hearing procedure, representation in all the various legal forums and before the various enforcement parties within the taxes authorities. During the course of the years, the office has represented various high profile clients in the most complex cases which were heard in the various courts – inter alia, in offences of money laundering, criminal offences, economic offences, and taxation offences and others.

In the field of international law, the office specializes in the laws of extradition and has experience, know-how and current work connections with various law offices throughout the world. The basic principles upon which the office is based are professional, creative and providing personal attention – which is, in our view, the necessary tools for the framework of quality of service and to provide creative solutions for its clients.

The office has had , and continues to have very strong professional working relationships over many years, with the various investigation offices, the offices of the government including the various bars – and this is largely due to the senior positions which Advocate Ronen Rosenbloom held for many years within the Israeli Police, as stated above, with entrustment and prognosis between acquaintanceship, professionalism, with devout maintenance of the rights of the client and complete discreetness. The office provides an immediate answer and provides services to the various requirements of its clients at every given moment, including the provision of comprehensive legal handling in unexpected situations which the clients encounter, such as investigations and arrests of the various authorities.

Ronen Rosenbloom born in Israel, 1972. License in Israel since 2000, member of the Chamber of Advocates in Israel. Academic degrees: Law, 1999 (LL.B) from the University of Manchester. Public Service:

• Police prosecutor – Tel Aviv District County. • The national unit for international and serious crime investigations –

   investigation officer, money laundering officer and forfeiture officer.

In 2004, Advocate Rosenbloom resigned from service in the Israel Police and he opened an office which deals with the various fields of criminal law, whilst the main specialization of the office is in white collar offences with the emphasis upon money laundering offences and also the taxation offences of the various types.


• Money Laundering. • Income tax crimes. • Value added tax (V.A.T). • Customs. • Forfeiture arrangements and special tax arrangement with the taxes authority. • Bank fraud. • Fraud / deceit. • Professional and legal assistance to Currency Service Providers. • Currency Service Providers – Regulation & licensing with the Ministry of Finance. • Forfeiture of property- Legal advice and representation. • Intellectual property. • Online gambling. • Cyber and computer.

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רונן רוזנבלום, עורך דין

רונן רוזנבלום – יליד ישראל, 1972.
רישיון בישראל משנת 2000, חבר לשכת עורכי הדין בישראל.


תואר ראשון במשפטים LL.B ‏ The University Of Manchester 

שירות ציבורי: 

קצין משטרה בתפקידים:
תובע משטרתי-משטרת מחוז תל-אביב
היחידה הארצית לחקירת פשיעה בינלאומית וחמורה (יאחב”ל) –קצין חקירות, קצין הלבנת הון וחילוט.
יו”ר וועדת איסור הלבנת הון-מחוז ת”א-לשכת עורכי הדין בישראל (2015-2019)
מ”מ יו”ר וועדת איסור הלבנת הון-ארצי-לשכת עורכי הדין בישראל (2015-2019)

בשנת 2004 פרש עו”ד רוזנבלום משירות במשטרת ישראל ופתח משרד אשר מטפל בתחומי
המשפט הפלילי השונים, כאשר עיקר התמחות המשרד הינה בעבירות “צווארון לבן” בדגש על
עבירות הלבנת הון ומיסוי.

דניאל קליין, עורכת דין

עו”ד דניאל קליין, ילידת שנת 1982.
בוגרת לימודי משפטים (LL.B) מהמרכז הבינתחומי הרצליה ובעלת תואר מוסמכת במשפטים (LL.M)
מאוניברסיטת תל אביב.
בעלת תואר ראשון בממשל מהמרכז הבינתחומי הרצליה.
חברה בלשכת עורכי הדין משנת 2008.
עו”ד קליין החלה את דרכה המשפטית כמתמחה בפרקליטות מחוז המרכז במשרד המשפטים.
לאחר הסמכתה כעורכת דין מן המניין עבדה במשך ארבע שנים כסנגורית במשרד עורכי דין שעסק בתחום צווארון לבן.
במהלך שנות עבודתה מטפלת עו”ד קליין בתיקים מורכבים ורגישים, בעלי חשיבות ציבורית ומשפטית.

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