International law / extradition proceedings / counseling for Israelis abroad

International law has become more relevant than ever in the face of our transformation into a “one small global village” in which geographical and political boundaries are almost non-existent. Cross-continental online crime and new (relatively) Israeli legislation imposes personal responsibility on individuals and companies who have committed offenses beyond the borders of the State of […]

Ransom and tax arrangements/Voluntary Disclosure

In some cases and according to different criteria, the tax authorities are authorized to convert tax offenses into a ransom payment. Payment of a ransom is an option sometimes given to a person suspected of tax offenses, as a substitute for bringing him to a criminal trial. The Tax Authority has ransom committees that deal […]

Escort for currency service providers/Financial asset

The term currency service providers refer to companies and individuals engaged in currency conversions, discounting checks, sale or redemption of passenger checks, etc. Following the enactment of the Anti-Money Laundering Act, 2000 the Registrar of Currency Service Providers was appointed. anyone who wishes to engage in the provision of currency services must undergo a registration […]

Fraud, Deception and Bribe

Fraud and deception offenses include: forgery, fraudulent receipt, breach of trust, false registration in corporate documents, theft by an authorized person, theft by a manager, theft by an employee, creditors’ fraud, impersonation, and more. Fraud is an “evolving” field. Commercial life often leads to events that are on the verge of intentional fraud, that is, […]

Online Gambling

Gambling offenses are a chapter in the Penal Code defined as offenses against morality. These offenses in their classic format as set out in the Penal Code relate to the field of conducting gambling games (games of chance) in ‘pirated’ places with the aim of not exposing them. However, with the enactment of the Anti-Money […]

Accompaniment for credit service providers

On July 18, 2016, the Knesset approved the Financial Supervision bill (Regulated Financial Services), 2016. The new law deals with the regulation of the regulatory structure for the supervision of non-institutional financial services and in fact divides the sector engaged in the provision of financial services into two: Providing non-bank credit including loans, discounting checks […]


Customs is a tax imposed on the import or export of goods. Representation of taxpayers in disputes concerning value added tax, in assessment stages, objection, appeals to courts and representation in criminal charges. According to the Anti-Money Laundering Act and the Anti-Money Laundering Regulations (Ways of Reporting Money Upon or Leaving Israel),2001, there is an […]

Income Tax

Our firm specializes in representation in tax offenses before the various investigative bodies of the Tax Authority, as well as legal representation and accompaniment before the various prosecution bodies in the various prosecutors’ offices and the Tax Authority. The firm provides a service that addresses all offenses in the Income Tax Ordinance and the VAT […]

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is the right of ownership that someone has over intangible aspects of various products, in which he has invested capital, effort and creativity. This field is a dynamic field that is constantly changing and renewed in light of the accelerated technological development. Most of the offenses relating to infringement of intellectual property are […]


What is VAT? VAT is an indirect tax, which the consumer actually owns. VAT is included in the price of products and services as a percentage of their price and can have a uniform rate or at several levels depending on the type of product or service. Section 117 of the Value Added Tax Act, […]