עבירות מרמה והונאה - עו

Fraud, Deception and Bribe

Fraud and deception offenses include: forgery, fraudulent receipt, breach of trust, false registration in corporate documents, theft by an authorized person, theft by a manager, theft by an employee, creditors’ fraud, impersonation, and more. Fraud is an “evolving” field. Commercial life often leads to events that are on the verge of intentional fraud, that is, taking “excessive” risks that have resulted in considerable loss.

Modern legislation relating to the field of fraud and deception offenses and recent court rulings creates a variety of circumstances regarding the conduct of day-to-day business conduct may fall under the broad and gray definitions of these offenses, as the line between legitimate business doing and criminal doing is disappearing recently.

In recent years, there has been a real aggravation in punishing criminals, fraud, deception and breach of trust, especially when it comes to an officer who acted in violation of the law.The harsh sentences in the case of former Finance Minister Avraham Hirchzon and former Minister Shlomo Benizri set a new and deterrent sentencing threshold, which has led the courts to aggravate the punishment of non-public fraudsters as well. Therefore, it is important to seek the services of a lawyer who specializes in such complex issues at all stages of the criminal proceedings, including the investigation stage.

Ronen Rosenbloom’s firm has many years of experience in accompanying investigations that ended in closing the criminal case and referring the parties involved to further litigation in the civil aspect.

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