International law / extradition proceedings / counseling for Israelis abroad

International law has become more relevant than ever in the face of our transformation into a “one small global village” in which geographical and political boundaries are almost non-existent. Cross-continental online crime and new (relatively) Israeli legislation imposes personal responsibility on individuals and companies who have committed offenses beyond the borders of the State of Israel. See, for example, the enactment of section 291A. To the Penal Code – bribery of a foreign public employee. This provision allows the prosecution of an Israeli citizen who gave a bribe to a foreign public employee abroad, including the possibility of freezing and forfeiture of assets.

In addition, there is international crime that originates abroad when its perpetrators fled or moved to live in the State of Israel and vice versa. Criminal proceedings take place against them in the country where the offenses were committed or alternatively investigative proceedings and requests for legal assistance in Israel.

In addition to all of these, there are international extradition proceedings regulated under Israeli law in international agreements and conventions. For example, Israelis who have committed offenses outside Israel can be prosecuted and tried in the country where the offense was committed.

Handling with Interpol – Our firm handles clients’ requests for clarification of their legal status at Interpol as well as handling red notices (red notice arrest warrant / red notice alert), including filing petitions for their cancellation at Interpol headquarters in France.

Our firm has proven international experience in joint legal treatment together with law firms around the world in representing detainees and defendants abroad

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