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What is VAT? VAT is an indirect tax, which the consumer actually owns. VAT is included in the price of products and services as a percentage of their price and can have a uniform rate or at several levels depending on the type of product or service.

Section 117 of the Value Added Tax Act, 1975 deals with tax offenses. The offenses in this section are divided into two: The offenses under section 117 (a) are “technical” offenses for which the penalty is usually one year imprisonment. These offenses have no criminal intent to commit the offense. , And in fact it is sufficient to prove the commission of the act or omission (there is no need to prove the intent as in any criminal offense) for the court to impose a penalty for the commission of the tax offense. The offenses under section 117 (b) are “substantial” offenses. Usually 5 years in prison.

Our firm is proficient in tax offenses. The firm advocates minimizing damage to the client by converting the tax offense into a lesser offense and / or paying a ransom and / or conducting a proceeding in court when the defendant denies guilt in order to bring about acquittal

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