Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property refers to the legal rights over non-physical aspects of various products, including the investment, effort, and creative abilities that have been put into them. This field is dynamic and constantly evolving due to advances in technology.

Most offenses related to intellectual property infringement are covered under mandatory British Mandate ordinances, which have been updated over the years, such as the Trade Marks Ordinance and other similar ordinances. Recent indictments submitted to the courts in this matter have dealt with a wide range of issues: from internet rights holders to owners of small stands and shops, all attempting to make a living in the field of counterfeit goods and brands, including the sale of counterfeit and pirated CDs, counterfeit clothing and footwear brands, counterfeit alcoholic beverage brands, and so on.

Today, specific offenses related to the infringement of copyrights, patents, designs, and trademarks have been included in the Prohibition on Money Laundering Law, 5760-2000, as a form of “source offense” (interpreted within the definition of ‘money laundering’ – concerning the scope of activity: ‘money laundering’). Consequently, the systematic handling of these offenses, especially regarding punishment and sentencing, has been significantly altered.

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