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Our firm specializes in representation in tax offenses before the various investigative bodies of the Tax Authority, as well as legal representation and accompaniment before the various prosecution bodies in the various prosecutors’ offices and the Tax Authority. The firm provides a service that addresses all offenses in the Income Tax Ordinance and the VAT Law, such as: evasion of income, fictitious tax invoices, etc. Failure to transfer tax deducted, non-registration of receipts, submission of incorrect information and more.

Ronen Rosenbloom’s firm believes in the benefits of negotiation, so that in addition to representation in courts, it is possible to obtain better alternative solutions such as plea bargains or converting the indictment into an administrative fine or ransom, all provided the outcome serves the client optimally. In addition, the firm provides representation services in the following procedures:

* Hearing before filing an indictment.

* Ransom proceedings, requests to convert the offenses into ransom money, both during the investigation stages and at the stage after the filing of an indictment.

* Administrative fine, requests to convert the offenses into an administrative fine both in the stages of the investigation and in the stage after the filing of an indictment.

* Voluntary disclosure: In many cases the firm represents clients in a proceeding in which they seek to apply to the tax authorities in order to disclose to the tax authority past tax offenses and thereby prevent investigative proceedings as well as filing of an indictment.

* Removal of defaults: In light of the firm’s expertise in criminal tax law, the firm assists its clients in reaching agreements and arrangements with the tax offices (income tax) and regional station managers (VAT tax) in order to remove the defaults (duties) and thus ease the expected punishment in court. To cause, in some cases, the consent of the Tax Authority to convert the indictments into a ransom / administrative fine, in accordance with the tax offenses committed

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