Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is the right of ownership that someone has over intangible aspects of various products, in which he has invested capital, effort and creativity. This field is a dynamic field that is constantly changing and renewed in light of the accelerated technological development.

Most of the offenses relating to infringement of intellectual property are protected under mandatory ordinances from British times, which have been updated over the years such as: Trademark Ordinance, Trademark Ordinances and more. The indictments filed in the courts in recent years have covered a wide range of issues: from online rights holders to small stall and shop owners trying to make a living in counterfeit goods and brands, including selling counterfeit and burned CDs, selling counterfeit clothing and footwear brands, selling counterfeit alcohol and liquor brands.

Today, specific offenses related to copyright infringement, patents, designs and trademarks were introduced into the Anti-Money Laundering Act, 2000, as a source offense (for the interpretation of the definition of ‘source offense’ – see field of activity: ‘Money laundering), and therefore changed beyond recognition. The level of systemic treatment in the family of these offenses including and especially in the aspect of punishment and forfeiture

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